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National Consulting Solutions in Human Resources, Pharmaceutical, Corporate Support, Manufacturing, Sales and Finance.

Staffing is more than our job, it’s our passion. Utilizing a combination of technology,
research and rigorous pre-qualification techniques, our hard-core recruiting team literally “attacks” every workforce challenge with proven, best practices in talent sourcing,
screening and selection.

From contract recruiters to benefits consultants … from programmers to MS.NET
consultants … from validation consultants to financial analysts. Even administrative assistants! Our staffing specialists focus on sourcing difficult-to-find consultants in the areas they know best:

  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Corporate Support
  • Sales
  • Finance

We’re stoked to provide xtra staffing services. Consultnetworx delivers outsourced payroll solutions, temp to hire, full-time, vendor management and more. Partnering with
Consultnetworx allows clients to concentrate on the higher-impact work of growing their businesses.

Consultnetworx partners with emerging companies as well as Fortune 500 companies to tackle the most complex and demanding workforce challenges and consistently attracts and retains an extremely high quality, broad and diverse network of top candidates.

Consultnetworx is very specific about the candidates they recommend and spends the time to deliver 2 or 3 painstakingly-selected resumes for each open position. With a successful fill rate of 93%, we’ve proven that quality trumps quantity every time!
See the website for additional information.

See the website for additional information.

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Take Networking to the Xtreme with Speednetworx

Speednetworx events are an exciting and unique way to grow your business and make long lasting business contacts. Proven to be more effective than traditional networking methods, Speednetworkers can develop more contacts in one evening than most business people do in 5 months. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or business development professional, you’ll appreciate this uniquely structured, efficient, targeted, low pressure form of networking.

  • Cut to the chase: No more small talk or rejection
  • Power up your personal network
  • Sharpen your skills as a networker
  • Soak up information and ideas that will help build your business
  • Elevate your reputation as someone who is well-connected and “in the know”
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SpeedHIRE events are innovative one-on-one interviewing opportunities that speed up the recruiting process providing a win-win solution to job candidates and employers.
The SpeedHIRE concept is the brainchild of Gail Tolstoi-Miller, CEO and Chief Staffing Strategist of Consultnetworx, a New Jersey-based consulting firm. With 18 years of experience in recruiting top-quality candidates, Tolstoi-Miller realized that many of her clients were suffering the results of ineffective recruiting practices with ideal candidates falling through the cracks and being hired by competitors.

While job fairs provide a large number of candidates to interview, employers are often presented with people whose skills, personality or experience aren’t a good fit. Gail decided that her intuitive screening skills combined with a modern twist might be just the tool her clients needed.

SpeedHIRE events successfully combine the concept of head hunting, speed dating and concierge services with job fairs. Prospective candidates are pre-screened by Consultnetworx recruiters before each on-site event so that employers only spend time with candidates who have the talent and skills that fit their available positions. Another factor that sets SpeedHIRE events apart from traditional job fairs is that employers conduct these interviews from their offices and they are not limited to permanent positions, but are also able to find consultants at every level from the pool of talent who are invited to the event.

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